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                  【材智论坛】材料学院一聲更加恐怖迎百年校庆系列报告(一)香港理工大学机械⌒ 工程系M.W. Fu教授学术斷人魂完全擋下了這一擊讲座通知
                  [ 作者: 来源:材料科学与工程学直接去圍攻城主府院 浏览:253 录入时间:2019年07月12日 ]

                  报告题目: Damage and fracture in multi-scaled deformation-based manufacturing

                  报告时间:20197151000 - 1100

                  报告地点: G202

                  报告摘要:Deformation-based manufacturing is one of most practical and efficient manufacturing processes to fabricate net-shape or near-net-shape parts via plastic deformation of materials. Recently, this traditional manufacturing process has been being revitalized as many attractive and unique advantages and characteristics including high productivity and efficiency, superior mechanical properties, excellent material utilization, low production cost, and being able to fabricate the complex geometries and features of deformed parts cannot be replaced by other manufacturing process. With the ever-increasing costs of materials, energy, and manpower, more and more strict requirements from environment-friendly and sustainable development perspectives, and the marginal profit of this traditional manufacturing, the design of deformed parts, forming process, tooling and the entire forming system, as well as defect prediction, avoidance and the assurance and control of the deformation made product quality are becoming more and more critical. All of these are related to the initiation, growth and development of damage and fracture in manufacturing and further in product service. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of damage and fracture behaviors and an extensive insight into the formation and occurrence mechanisms of the damage and fracture is crucial. In this talk, the mechanisms of initiation, coalesce, growth and development of voids in plastic deformation, formation and occurrence of damage and fracture, behaviors of damage and fracture in multi-scaled deformation, prediction criteria of damage and fracture, and prediction and avoidance of damage and fracture related defects via modeling, simulation and analysis base on case studies will be presented. The talk will give an overview of the state-of-the-art in damage and fracture study.


                      M.W. Fu(付铭旺),香港理工大学机械黑煞雷工程系教授,主要研究方向有先进材料加工、数值建模与︽仿真、产品设计与开发以及细观力学等,共发表SCI期刊论文190余篇,其中一半以上论文发表在相应学科前10%SCI期刊上,由Marcel Dekker (New York), Springer-Verlag London Ltd, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, and Elsevier等国际※顶尖出版社出版英文专著5本,并担任多家国际著名期卐刊Int. J. of Plasticity, Materials and Design, Int. J. of Damage Mechanics, Int. J. of Adv. Manu. Tech.的编委,主持包括中国国家直接進入仙府之中自然科学基金重点项目在内的多项基础与应用研究项目,经常应邀在德国、俄罗斯、英国、美国、澳大利亚等多个也笑著點了點頭国家知名国际会议上作這一個主旨报告或大会报告♂,并在全球一些顶尖大学进行演讲。